Monday, April 30, 2012

Off to Hong Kong

The last bus on the ferry that goes to the vancouver airport is on the 7pm ferry so I arrived at the airport at 9:30pm for my 2:45am flight with Cathay pacific to hong kong.
They could not tell me if I would get on the flight until 1:15 am so I decided to find a quiet spot and read my book.
When I went to sit down I noticed two guys looking at a leather jacket that apparently someone had dropped on the ground. They draped it over the seat next to me and one guy left while the other one was on the phone to his parents in whistler. He had missed the last bus from the airport to whistler but there was a private company that runs a shuttle from downtown to whistler but it cost $63 plus he needed $7.50 for the Canada Line to get downtown. He only had $33 and no credit cards. The company would not accept his father's credit card over the phone as they want to see the credit card when the tickets are picked up. So feeling sorry for him i gave him my last canadian $20 and he left saying he would try to panhandle the rest of the money. About a half hour later he was back and distressed because no one would give him money - he got on the phone to his parents and said he only had twenty minutes to get the money or he would miss the bus. Feeling sorry for him I gave him what he needed in American money. He asked for my address and he would get the money back to me -- I told him not to bother just do something nice for someone else. He said he was going to do that right now as he had heard someone in arrivals looking for a leather jacket they had lost and he was going to take it to them. My instinct was to tell him to leave the jacket in case the person comes back but I didn't say anything. Not 15 minutes later a man is walking around the area looking for something and I had a terrible feeling it was the leather jacket. Then the man's wife and two toddlers show up and start asking if anyone has seen the jacket. I told them what had happened , so the man and I walked to the Canada Line to hopefully find the young man. No such luck. We checked with information desks and lost and found no jacket. The sad part is in the jacket pocket were the keys to their car.
They reported the situation to security and the next thing I know I am being interviewed by the airport operations manager, security and the RCMP who want to know if I will be a witness if this goes to court. I said they would have to email me as I am busy traveling. They had people look at the security tapes but the sunglass booth was in the way and they could not get a good view of the young man They could not find any private companies that do shuttles to whistler this late at night. They seemed pretty confident this guy is working the airport and I got taken, then he stole the jacket! Well at least this incident made the time pass fast but gosh darn I got taken for almost $40 and I haven't even left the country.
Good news is I got on the flight and have an isle seat! Bad news is these people have to have their car towed!

Well let's see what adventures I can have in Asia . . . Traveling Shoes part 2

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  1. take care Lorna - the scammers seem to be everywhere