Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Well it is with trepidation that I write this last Blog from Costa Rica. We left manuel antionio a week ago and headed 45 minutes south to Dominical where 12 of the wedding goers had rented a villa for the week. Dominical is very small - actually the town is virtually non-existent, it is a less touristy part of Costa Rica that attracts surfers and a number of canadian and Americans (all in their 50's and 60's), who have made their money and decided to drop out and live a relaxed life - I definitely can see the advantages.

Our villa is located about 200meters from the beach up the side of a mountain. The villa has 6 bedrooms and six bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen and living areas. The best part is the amazing outdoor area with the most beautiful infinity pool I have ever seen - you just hang over the edge and gaze at the ocean with the most spectacular evening sunsets. The outdoor area has a BBQ, large table for outdoor dining and lots of comfortable loungers - when the area is lite up at night it looks so lovely. If I was ever to have a house in a tropical climate this would be exactly what I would want.


Groom is getting frisky!
Hannah decided to do a bit of body painting - tattoos next????

Since we were about 2.5 hours from the Panama border and we heard there was good shopping there, Aaron, Ashley, Donna and I decided to take the trip one day.



Guy we paid to watch the rental car!
A couple of kilometers of trucks waiting to cross the border - but first inspected by the police.

The markets were much like those in Asia but definitely not Asian prices in fact I could buy things cheaper in the USA. One store had clothes with tags from Ross's Dress for less with the price portion torn off and no they were charging at least three times the price you would pay in Ross's - I should know as I have spent enough time in that store - right Marianne! It was also smoking hot here as we were inland and there was no ocean breeze.


Cemetery just off the highway
Yes people live in these - the roof is plastic in most cases

Sean and Michelle celebrated their 5th anniversary so Aaron put on a fireworks show.




Toucan sighting at the villa - in fact there were so many toucans we thought it must be a toucan flight school!





Dominical has some spectacular falls - this is one of the small ones - some of the bigger ones are a three hour horse ride to get to.
We hired a cook to prepare all our dinners which was a great move as they shopped for the food prepared it and cleaned up after dinner - what a treat. The five guys went deep sea fishing one day and caught about 40 pounds of mahi mahi- so we have eaten fish done a number of different ways and the remaining fish we gave to the cooks to take home.
Aaron, Ashley Donna and I went to and ecolodge for lunch after the falls. The lunch was ok but the views from the lodge were fabulous.
Scorpion found in shower - thank god it was not my shower!
This has been an amazing trip to Costa Rica - not only the adventures of the first week but spending the next two weeks with my sons, Ashley, Michelle and of course miss Hannah and Molly. I will definitely return to Costa Rica - hopefully for my 60th birthday. The people here are so nice, honest and helpful. The food is delicious. The people value their environment and recognize the value of getting an education. Yes there are so are some poorer areas and places to stay clear of but that can be said for most countries including Canada. It is not really cheap here as compared to Mexico or Asia but I like the favour of this country and what I have experienced.
Adventure of climbing this rock face
Beautiful scenery


The thrill of the fall


Costa Rican sights
The artisans


The wild horses at our all inclusive


The beach bars


My granddaughter being taught poor life choices by drinking beer in the pool (Hannah's can is empty)


Tonight's sunset - can life get any better!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Manuel Antonio - Wedding

The reason for coming to Costa Rica was to attend the wedding of a life long friend of Sean's, Mike (they actually met in preschool) and Jen ( Sean also introduced Mike and Jen about 8 years ago). Jen was te photographer at Sean and Michelle's wedding.

The magnificient wedding villa located in the Manuel Antonio park high on a hill with lovely view of the ocean. The first floor of the villa included an infinity pool, area for BBQ and lounging, bar and large living room area which would be turned into a dance floor for the wedding. The next two floors contained a number of beautiful bedrooms all with balconies and spectacular views. The kitchen and outdoor eating area located on the 4th floor - this is where the wedding dinner was to take place. The 5th floor contained a corner hot tub with unbelievable views of the ocean and manuel Antonio park, as well as another bar and hammocks for relaxing - this is where the ceremony was to take place.


Bride and groom suited up for the nautical themed stag and stagette


Wedding venue ready


Molly ready - Hannah ended up sleeping through the ceremony


Groom and mum
Best man Sean - yes the facial growth goes with being a professor - all he needs is a wool vest and a pipe
Michelle - hard to believe she had a baby two months ago


Bride and father


Sean and the groom's friend also Mike or better known as Moose performed the wedding ceremony


Each one of the wedding party read a verse and then presented the bride and groom with 13 coins which is a Costa Rican tradition
traditional exchange of 13 gold coins during the wedding ceremony. These coins are placed in a bag, box, or tray. This will be given to the bride by the groom. It symbolizes the groom’s willingness to be the head of the family and support his bride. The coins are carried by the bride and are going to be blessed by a priest. The 13 coins also have religious symbolism connected to them. They symbolize Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles.


Aaron and Ashley with Molly


Hannah after getting up from her nap


Moose, Jen and their son Harrison - Jen is expecting their second child in May


Harrison and Hannah
Me with the mother of the groom Zoraida


Future rock star


My hair with Fasonator



Lovely dinner


Sean's toast to the bride and groom was a power point outlining the scientific reasons why Jen and Mike make a good couple - researched by Michelle and another friend Nicole. As you can imagine the presentation was quite funny. Then Nicole and Brad had a power point presentation of the people Jen and Mike associate with and all their adventures or misadventures - also very entertaining!

Donna and I spent our time between the wedding and dealing with the girls. The dancing went into the wee hours of the morning but Donna and I packed it in around midnight. Wonderful day, lovely wedding.