Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday in Winchester

Today the weather has changed to the typical English rainy weather and rather cool. My dad's sister, auntie Chris, dropped by this morning and we went out for a coffee and wireless so I could upload my blog. The picture below of auntie Chris and I. I cannot believe she just turned seventy years old - I hope I have my aunties genes they both look so young!

My cousin Michael came to take me out to practice my driving. We or I should say I drove to Winchester where we strolled around and made our way to Winchester cathedral. Winchester cathedral dates back 15 centuries to 642 and is one of the largest cathedrals in England. The picture below is Michael and I - we had a picture taken together in the same spot in 1964 when I was 8 years old.

We wandered past The Eclipse Inn. They say the the upstairs of the pub is haunted as the Winchester court house is across the street and the last hanging was outside the Eclipse Inn - hence the ghosts. I love walking the cobblestone streets and lanes - it is so English, oh that's right I am in England!


Next I drove to Romsey which is a country town where the Mountbatten estate is located. Mountbatten was prince Phillip's uncle and was very close to prince Charles. Mountbatten was killed by an IRA bomb while vacationing in Ireland in 1979. When Mountbatten was killed his body was returned to Southamptom airport where my uncle worked for British Airways and was responsible for unloading the royal luggage from this flight. The Mountbatten estate is the major employer in this area (cleaners, carpenters, cooks, gardeners etc.) We drove by the estate and it is massive.

We visited the Tudor Rose Pub in Romsey where a workmate of Michael's was playing in a band. A number of years ago David played with the Mumbo Gerry ( in the summer time when the weather is fine . . . .). The band played 60's music and were fabulous - the pub was so small it could fit no more than 50 people and the washrooms were located outside the pub in the back courtyard.
Back home auntie Joan had a steak and kidney pie ready for dinner! And evening of watching Cornation Street and then a special about Kate and Wills recent visit to southeast Asia which included many of the places I have visited on my travels and I was able to share pictures from my ipad with auntie Joan and uncle Vic.


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  1. Great flower baskets.
    In 1964, I almost ended up being a student at Winchester Girls School. Do they still wear straw boaters?