Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scotland - Inverness area

One thing that is interesting about Scotland is the weather. It can be sunny and then 5 miles down the road overcast with a Scottish mist and then 5 more miles and it is snowing. The weather has turned really cold in fact I am absolutely freezing even with leotards, leggings, socks, boots, undershirt, turtleneck, sweater, fleece, gortex jacket, scarf, hat and gloves - not feeling well does not help but onwards we go. Rosemary's younger son Lee and partner Sarah live in Inverness so we made our way there from our stay at Loch Ness. As we were about to leave the hotel at Loch Ness two very very attractive Brazilian boys approached us to give them a ride into Inverness so they would be in time for their bus to Edinburgh. So they got in the car (very small car) and had to have quilts and pillows on their laps for the 1/2 hour journey!

In 1996 I drove to Inverness with my mother. Inverness is a city in the Scottish highlands with a population of about 75,000 people, it is the northern most city in the United Kingdom. Inver is gaelic for mouth of - hence Inverness lies where the River Ness enters the Moray Firth (firth is a sea bay or strait). Lee (Rosemary's son) offered to take us to Dornoch for the afternoon and I was very happy not to drive especially with the weather. Like I said one minute sunny the next minute snow!

First stop the Glenmorangie Distillery - one of the numerous distilleries in the highlands - I now understand why there are so many distillery tours, kind of like the wine tours of Napa.

We reached Dornoch in the freezing cold - the church below was where Madonna and Guy Ritchie were married. Apparently the town was crazy with paparazzi during the wedding. They choose to get married here as Guy is from Scottish decent.

Dornoch is a lovely small town in the highlands of Scotland northwest of Inverness. It is best known as a vacation destination due to the lovely beaches and famous Royal Dornoch Golf (Sue I guess that is why ken wanted to play golf here). it is also notable as the last place a witch was burnt in Scotland. Her name was Janet Horne; she was tried and condemned to death in 1727.

Apparently the water is turquoise color and warm in summer

It is so nice to have someone tour you around who knows the area, we were able to visit the small towns of Evanton, invergordon, Alness, Strathpheffer and Dingwall.

Third day of stomach issues (need to stay close to a washroom) - but this will not stop me! Today we are to look after Rosemary's two grandson's. Brian and Angela are going to a friend's 40th birthday (or as Aaron his son would say - there is going to be beer drinking and nonsense) so they have booked the boys and us into a B&B for the night in Inverness.

I did not think it could get any colder but surprise surprise it can! We took the boys to Dores gateway to south Loch Ness - we thought it would be nice to walk along the beach and visit the playground - however it was bloody freezing so we ended up going into the Dores pub for lunch - how civilized that you can take children into pubs!

A fellow Nessie hunter

After lunch we took the boys to an indoor play zone - great some warmth and I can rest while the boys play
This is a picture of our B&B accommodation in Inverness. Thank you Brian, Angela, Lee and Sarah for being such great hosts as well as touring me around.

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