Thursday, January 31, 2013

Australia part III -2013

Well I decided it was too cold and damp in Victoria so I booked a flight and headed off to Australia. My flight from Vancouver to LAX cost as much as my staff travel flight on Qantas from LAX to Sydney. Apparently i was to be seated in the middle of row 58 with people on either side (not that i would complain), But luckily marianne's sister (who also works for qantas and was keeping track of this flight from sydney) saw this she got me moved to an isle seat with a spare seat beside me - i am one lucky girl. So two tylenol and one gravol later i slept for 8 hours of the 14 hour flight. Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe were in first class on my flight (although I did not get to see them as economy people and first class people do not mingle). However I saw her on TV last night and she was complaining about the lack of sleep with having a 2 and 4 year old with her - she forgot to mention the nanny that was accompanying them. Oh well had she visited me in economy I could have given her some good drugs that would for sure knocked her out.

After Marianne and Brian picked me up from the airport we headed of for a cappuccino at cronulla beach and then in he afternoon we went back for some lunch and a lovely walk lane the beach with Marianne's friend Cathy.



Marianne's sister jenni (the one who works for Qantas) joined us for a dinner of green salad, potato salad, BBQ lamb chops and fried halloumi cheese - yummy!

Tonight we are off to the Keith urban concert at the Olympic stadium - maybe there will be a Nicole sighting. Then off to Queensland tomorrow - apparently the cyclones have stopped and the weather is in the low 30's.



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