Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Sydney

My friends have been keeping me so busy I have been too tired to do my blog in the evenings. Oh the life of the weary traveler!

When Gaille lived with me in Canada 1990/91, i met her friend (Bill), who came to Victoria for the six the aside cricket tournament. Two years later when Bill returned for the tournament he brought his wife Danielle and we became fast friends, exploring Victoria while the boys played cricket. Gaille arranged for us to go to Danielle's house on the other side of sydney for coffee, the first time in over 20 years Danielle and I had seen each other. Lucky girl as she looks the same as when I last saw her. We had a wonderful visit, unfortunately Bill was working but when I go back in May (on my way to south Africa) we are going to organize a dinner out.


On the way to Danielle's house we stopped at captain Cook's landing, which is just down the street from her.

Captain Cook's Landing

On April 29th, 1770, Captain James Cook landed for the first time on Australian soil at Inscription Point, on the Kurnell peninsula. His ship, the "Endeavour", remained anchored in Botany Bay for eight days. One of his crew, a Scotsman by the name of Forby Sutherland, died during this time of tuberculosis, and was buried on the shore. Sutherland Point is named in his honour, as is the municipality in which Kurnell lies, and the nearby suburb of Sutherland. Cape Solander is named after Swedish botanist Daniel Solander. The landing area, now within Botany Bay National Park, is commemorated as an important historic site as well as being a popular tourist attraction.


The next morning Marianne picked me up and we had lunch with her mum, dad, Gaille and Brian. We were then off to Narabeen (northern beaches) to stay a night at her friend's (Jeff and Sandra) apartment which is located right on the beach. We had a wonderful afternoon walking along the beach and reading in the sun. My room had sliding glass doors on the ocean side, so that night I fell to sleep listening to the ocean waves - can life get any better? I could have easily stayed at the apartment for a week - hopefully on another visit, thank you Jeff and Sandra. The next morning we drove to Church Point on for breakfast in a cafe on the water. The braised medley of mixed mushroom on oven roasted tomates over wilted rocket salad topped with a poached egg drizzled with truffle oil - this was to die for - not to mention the most incredible view.



There are four beaches along the Narrabeen stretch of beach, North Narrabeen, Narrabeen, South Narrabeen and Collaroy beach. Although Collaroy is a separate suburb, its beach lies along the same stretch. All beaches have their own Surf Life Saving Club. There is also a lagoon at Narrabeen. Narrabeen beach is mentioned in the Beach Boys song Surfin' USA, which in their live concert on 28 November 1992 at North Narrabeen Reserve they performed at the end of the encore.]

View from apartment

Breakfast view


Back to Marianne's house and then to Gabrielle and David's new house for a BBQ. Delicious lamb chops, steak, salads and a yummy zucchini casserole ( I will definitely have to try this recipe). It sounds like all I do is eat - not true as the days have been filled with some walking and exploring too.

Tomorrow off to Tasmania to stay with the girls I met in Darwin last June - looking forward to seeing them again.


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