Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scenery of Kruger National Park

During the six day safari not only was there amazing animal sightings but some spectacular scenery as you will see in the photos below. The following photos are all taken while in Kruger National Park - enjoy and take a look at the quiz at the end of the blog!









Safaris can make you very tired


Mag and Graham


Greg (tour guide) and me
Coffee stop

Greg and his harem

The road to Kruger!

Many animals were not cooperative models which meant a lot of backside shots - do you know what animals these are? Ok here is a challenge send me an email with the names of the following animals (in order) and if you are the first one to email me with the correct answer you will win an African souvenir (if you are not a resident of Victoria BC you are eligible for this contest but may have to wait until I see you next to claim your prize - Greg Dale is NOT eligible to participate in this contest). This will test who is actually reading my blog!





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