Friday, December 30, 2011

Australia Day One

great flight on qantas airlines -- best $200 I ever spent as I was put in premium plus on the new air bus plane from LA. After taking some drugs to help me sleep I had a lovely 7 hour sleep as this air craft is sooooo quiet. Air Canada could take some lessons from Qantas staff -- EXCELLENT SERVICE!

Upon arrival at Sydney airport there seem to be no one to meet me. After two hours of dragging my bags around (thank god I packed light) I finally was able to email my friend to find out the person picking me up was apparently at exit B since 9am -- I looked up and there was exit B and my friend's husband -- how we missed each other for two hours is a mystery to me????
Little tour of the city and now in north side of Sydney (went over the Sydney Harbour Bridge -- saw people climbing it but that is not for me, however I plan to walk across it. Tonight had lovely bbq swordfish for dinner yummmy!
Tomorrow we are going out on a boat an will be sailing into Sydney Harbour to bring in the NY and watch the fireworks (one item off the bucket list). I will be waving my Canadian flag proudly at midnight!

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  1. Yeh...yummy swordfish now for NYE xxxxx