Saturday, December 31, 2011


the day started very overcast and at 10 am we were off to Gaille and Antony's friends boat that was anchored in the middle of Sydney Harbour facing the bridge and Opera House along with the other 3 to 5 thousand boats in the harbour. Cathy and Graham were the best hosts ever! First they hoisted my Canadian flag (we became known as the boat with the Canadian flag) and then a day of drinking champagne and eating the most amazing appy's including the biggest prawns I have ever seen. As you can see in the photos I wore the appropriate boating shoes. At 2pm the clouds disappeared and the sky was blue -- more eating, drinking and watching aerial acrobatics, sky writing and only one minor incident when the waves from the ferry knocked me off my chair on to my knees and I spilled my champagne!
At 9pm there was an amazing fireworks show - they do this for the children who cannot stay awake until midnight. Then about every hour before midnight they set off some teaser fireworks.
Just before midnight the countdown lighted up on the side of the bridge and then it began -- the most incredible half hour of fireworks I have ever seen. There were six barges placed along the harbour -- each one setting off fireworks in unison. The bridge lit up the sky with color and a spectacular fireworks display and then to top it off a number of the skyscrapers in the city set off firework displays in unison -- it was really hard to know where to look and the display brought tears to my eyes as I checked off one bucket list item! Thank you Gaille, Ants, Cathy and Graham for a spectacular day and thank you Sydney you made one Canadian very happy filled with incredible memories!!!!!

Today I am going back to Marianne and Brian's house on the other side of the city and that will be my base for the next few days until we leave for Perth on January 4th. It is in the mid 20's here (lovely) and Marianne is hosting a bbq for Brian and her niece Jessica's birthdays today -- more partying what shall I do????

Happy New Years Everyone -- remember follow your dreams they can be a good as you imagined!


  1. Great pictures Lorna! Watched the fireworks in Sydney Harbour on Youtube and they were fantastic as you say!
    Happy 2012 and keep on keeping on!

  2. I saw a few of the fireworks on CBC - I think Australia outdoes everyone with fireworks
    My friend Diana is in A.; she returns to Victoria end of January - now would it not be interesting if you 'bumped into' her!!!