Thursday, February 2, 2012

Phuket day one

The plane arrived in Phuket 2 hours late. We were picked up at the airport and taken to our accommodation arriving at about 3am Sydney time 11pm Phuket time. We had purchased a groupon type coupon many months ago and used the coupon to book the accommodation a couple of months ago. Upon our arrival we were ushered in to a lovely lobby area asked to be seated and given a delicious welcome drink. Then a young man named Daniel came over to talk to us. Apparently the registration system had overbooked and the two rooms we booked were not available and the hotel was full. The interesting part is that a few days before we left sydney the hotel emailed asking our arrival time so they could arrange a limo pickup at the airport (included with the coupon) and there was no mention of overbooking. By the way phuket's version of a limo is a minibus.
Well I had brief (very brief) visions of trying to find a backpacker hotel or hostel but I think I was delusional being so tired. Daniel said he had a solution and I only hoped it was going to be better than my first thought.
He had booked us a suite at the Chava 5 star resort up the street but we would not have a private plunge pool to hell with a plunge pool I will take a 5 star any day -- only considering the limo experience I was not sure what they considered a 5 star hotel. Daniel packed us in a car (closer to a limo) along with one of his staff to assist us and we drove two doors up the street to the Chava resort where they were waiting for us. So the driver, Daniel's staff person and the Chava resort person take us to our room to help us get settled (certainly 5 star treatment). As you can see from the pictures this is a 5 star resort. Two huge bedrooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, 3 tv's, livingroom, eating area and beautiful terrace and the beach is about a 3 minute walk across the street theough the park This morning we had a wonderful breakfast at our 5 star hotel (included with the coupon). I had Thai pancakes with banana more like a crepe than a pancake and it was delicious.
Then it was off to see Daniel to find out where we were going to stay for the next four nights. Daniel had a deal for us if we were happy with our accommodation we could stay there for the remaining four nights and if we want to come back to phuket he would comp us two nights for our trouble and get us a good rate for an additional two nights. DEAL we will be back for 4 nights. If Daniel comes through with his promise he will be my new best friend.
He has also arranged a tour of Phuket for us tomorrow afternoon and a Thai cooking class the next day. We looked up the Chava resort on the Internet and the room rate is $466 per night.
So off to the beach we went for our Thai massage. I was in heaven and sooooooo relaxed. We then had a coconut drink and headed back to the resort to lounge in the beds by the pool. Stopped by a couple of tailors to see about having a dress made but the prices were much higher than I expected so no dress for me as I can get better deals in the US. Oh well more massage money!
We are at surin beach and it is very relaxing and low key. The Thai people are extremely friendly and I feel very safe walking around on my own.
I will take some pictures of the beach area tomorrow as it is lovely and the water is warm with no reports of sharks so I think I will take a swim after my morning massage!

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