Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun, Sea, Sand, Shopping

What more could a girl ask for. Luggage maybe????? Flew from Singapore to phuket to enjoy 2 free days at the Manathai resort in Surin (if you remember on our first visit here there was a problem with our reservation so they put us up in a 5 star and gave us two free nights at the manathai).
Well I arrived in Phuket to take advantage of the free nights but apparently my luggage wanted to have another night at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore (can't really blame it). So I arrived at the resort with money, passport and iPad. They were able to find the wandering luggage but I did not receive it at the resort until the next afternoon.
My room at the Manathai was lovely and I even had my own private soaker pool. No swim suit but I had a lovely private pool so I decided underwear looks similar to a bikini if you get my drift.
I was very happy to be back in the land of treatments - foot massages, back massages, fabulous facials for $12 what am I going to do when I return home I am getting so use to all this buffing and puffing.
Although marianne had to go home her daughter Kate was in Phuket the same time I was and we were able to spend some time together relaxing on the beach, treatments and enjoyed my free dinner at the manathai. After two days in surin I left to go to the crazy, overpopulated with tourists Patong. Daniel came to say goodbye and asked if I enjoyed my stay and I told him we would like to come back next year. I also told him I would be going to chaing Mai in May and understand there is a manathai resort there. He told me not to book directly to contact him and he will get me a special rate - then he had the manathai van drive me to patong and drop me off at my new hotel. Daniel is my new best friend!!!!!!
I had booked the hotel in patong online through Agoda as they had a Friday special. I have now decided that although you pay less through these sights when you check in you are often given the worst room in the hotel. This was a real come down after the manathai and raffles and did no look nearly as nice as it did on the website, however it was clean.
It was lovely to rest and relax in the sun for these four days before going on to Vietnam. Surin has the most beautiful beach and is very quite and relaxing with no much shopping or night life. On the other hand Patong is full of people, shopping and nightlife. In my opinion the beach is not as nice as surin but the water is still warm and enjoyable. I was wandering around last night and found the party street - I saw things I have never seen or heard before. Girls cage and pole dancing , people kept shoving girlie pamphlets in my face probably a good thing I did not have my glasses on and could not read the writing (a picture says a thousand words). I could not tell who were women and who were dressed up like women - time to head back to the hotel I too old for this. On the way back I see this man in his seventies about the size of my father (about 5 foot 11 and heavy set) dress in a hot pink shiny dress, six inch heels, long haired wig, purse and a bad makeup job - boy does he ever need a stylist Two days of Patong is enough for me. However I meet some nice people from Portugal and Sweden having a drink at the outside bar (on the sidewalk) of my hotel. Drinks were only $3 each so I joined them for one.
Up 4am tomorrow to catch flight Off to Vietnam..

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