Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bangkok - last day

Today Donna and I signed up for a food tour in the Bangrak district of bangkok. Our first challenge was arriving to the meeting place on time as we took the wrong subway and ended up about 4km away from where we were suppose to be. Thanks to a tuk tuk driver who drove at warp speed in and out of Bangkok traffic we finally arrived at our destination. An adventure well worth $3.
The first food establishment we visited has been a family business for 50 years and I was lucky to get a picture of the owner 'the Don Mee of Bangkok'. Here they specialize in roasted duck served on rice which was very delicious. One of the great things about doing food tours is walking the back streets of the city as you see so many interesting sights such as the sale of live chickens on the sidewalk as well as the fabulous smells from all the street food. Thai people eat most of their meals out either from street vendors or restaurants as it is cheaper than preparing the food at home - most meals purchased this way cost less than $2.
On the way to our next stop we walked through a temple area and rang the bell to let buddha know we were there. From a street vendor our guide purchased something that looked like doughnut holes. Inside the donut exterior was a soybean and pepper paste. Thai people love the combination of sweet and savory mixed together in their foods. I can't believe I ate soy but this little delight was good. The next stop was a Muslim Restaurant where we had curry lava on egg. Simply put - a boiled egg with green curry. This was not something I would normally try, so I was surprised pleasantly surprised how good it tasted.
Next we headed to the river to take a ferry across to our next stop. Unlike the BC Ferries this one does not actually dock - the driver keeps his foot on the gas to keep the boat against the dock and you jump on over the tires between the boat and the dock. Wonder if anyone ends up in the water?
The next stop was also a long time family business where we had Yum Pla Dook Foo or crispy catfish (maybe the ones we fed yesterday), green mango salad and a pork dish. My favorite was definitely the catfish - it was delicious.
Back by ferry to the other side of the river to visit a bakery where we savored a Thai style pork bun and a Thai style green custard (pendent) bun. Both were good and this bakery specializes in fabulous homemade dough - thank god we are walking.
For the last stop we ventured into a more upscale area (the Paris of Bangkok) and were treated to Thai curry served on roti and Thai coconut ice cream ( which is in between a slushy and sherbet) - we were all totally stuffed. This was a most enjoyable tour and a great walk through some back streets of Bangkok.
Going back to our hotel we quickly realized we had got on the wrong sky train as it was going in the opposite direction we wanted to go! Ok maybe I need more practice using the transportation system in Bangkok.
Later in the evening I decided to get some more practice by taking the sky train to Siam Square - shopping district with a combination of high end mall shopping and outdoor stalls. As you can see from the pictures there are simply thousands of people here. What is happening to me - i think I am over shopping as I only spent an hour wandering around, did not by anything and took the sky train back to my hotel!
Ok maybe I stopped for a foot massage before going back to the hotel.
Off tomorrow to chiang Mai in northern thailand.

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  1. OMG too much food!!! Looks nice though and a fab way to see cultural differences between tourist Bangkok and real Bangkok!