Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hong kong day 2

Today I decided to take the Peak Tram so I could get a view of hong kong. As luck would have it there was so much fog i could not see a thing and I felt like I was back in Sapa Vietnam except it is much, much warmer here. It is in the high twenties and the humidity is a killer. One minute it is sunny and the next it is overcast.
I did not leave enough time to explore the area at the top of the tram. It is absolutely beautiful with something for everyone walking trails, shopping , eating and first class areas for a 360 view of hong kong (if it is not foggy). There are even stairs you can walk from the top back down and they end right beside the helena may where I am staying. You will notice in some of the pictures the buildings look like they are leaning - not really the tram is going up one of the 8 mountains on hong kong island at about an 80 degree angle!
After coming back down, on the tram, I walked to the city hall for lunch in the maxim palace with Susan Ho who is a friend of Joan Peggs from my rotary club. We had a wonderful dim sum lunch in an absolutely beautiful restaurant. By the way dim sum means 'touch the heart'.
Susan is an artist in hong kong and was a lovely host, we talked for two hours just like we were old friends.
After lunch I took the tour of hong kong island and I am now totally convinced I have to come back to explore some of the shopping and food areas (pack your bags Marianne - next stop hong kong).
I then hopped on the harbour tour and and it was great to see both sides of hong kong from the water. Some of the tallest buildings in the world are here.
Then back up the hill to helena may to freshen up before taking the night tour I am so glad I do not pay the hydro bill here I have never seen so many lights.
The tour dropped us off at the walkway on Kowloon side of the harbour as this is the best place to watch the nightly symphony of lights. The buildings on hong kong island provide a laser and light show to music every night it is absolutely spectacular.
If you have not figured it out. I AM IN LOVE WITH HONG KONG!

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  1. so glad you like HK - a city that never sleeps; there is always something going on - you do need to return.
    There are a few familiar sights in the photographs you have included