Friday, November 16, 2012


Made it home safely after 17 hours travel from London via Frankfurt via Vancouver to Victoria - not to mention the two hour drive in the middle of the night from Southampton to Heathrow. I am now home for a few days until I leave on November 19th to go to Mexico for a week (a vacation from my vacation).

Nothing like living your dream - over the last 11 months I have now travelled over 137,000 km which took 54 flights on 16 different airlines, visiting 16 different countries (sometimes more than once) - this has truly been a wild and wonderful adventure - I have not only learned so much about the world but I have the most amazing memories.

After Mexico I will be home for a few months (might need to get away from winter and do a short trip to Australia). However, I have paid a deposit for a South African safari on may 22, 2013. I am now making plans with Mag (friend of Sharon's from Ireland) who is going to join me and then we plan to travel around this area for a month with a goal to end up in Portugal in late June.

So stay tuned there will be more travels and more blogging - I hope you have enjoyed hearing about and seeing pictures of Lorna's traveling shoes!


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