Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Sorry this blog has taken so long but I had approx 800 pictures to upload! Blogs will now come more frequently.

After meeting up with our tour group and signing our life away, we were off to Rincon de la Vieja National Park for a day of adventure.

We started off with the Rio Negro Tubing Adventure - 5km tubing over rapids and through calm pools. The water comes off the volcanoes and although not extremely warm, not as cold as the water off our canadian mountains. We were first time tubers and had an absolute blast including getting stuck on the rocks which presented a bit of a challenge to get the tube unstuck and carry on but all part of the adventure.

Tubing anyone?
Falls that supply the river water
Very ladylike position!
Note to self- wear waterproof mascara when participating in water activities!
I am the white helmet just going over rapid - note you cannot see the tube!

After a quick lunch we were off ziplining (I missed the part in the brochure about rock climbing, rappelling, Tarzan swing, and jumping off a bridge). I have zip lined twice before but this adventure was a true test of my fear of heights. Did I ever think I would repell down 150 feet then Tarzan across a ravine (swinging across several times) then climb up a 100ft rock face - NOT! Thanks to a little help from the guys at the top I actually made it up the rock face. Then to top it off I had to survive a climb across another rock face over the ravine to a small ledge where we had to Tarzan across to another ledge, climb up a small rock face and then zip line to the last platform! I think I enjoyed tubing more than ziplining but I am glad I completed this adventure.

Does everything match!
Am I having fun yet!
Waiting to Tarzan across the ravine.
Yes this is me climbing across the rock face
Ravine below
Climbing Wall
And I chose this as a vacation!
There is a beautiful view
Donna just finishing zip line adventure and proud of it!


Then as if I was not tired enough and my limbs were like jello- it was off for a 40 minutes horse ride through forest and fields - can you imagine 30 horses on narrow trails with inexperienced riders - according to the pictures the horses go along nicely in a single file. In reality they are all jockeying for position and constantly bumping other horses. However, this was the first time my bottom was in rhythm with the horse thank god - I remembered some tips my Aussie friend Brian gave me about horse riding and it actually works (Brian see I was listening to you) - however my thighs were done after the ride.

At least we did not have to ride the bull!
After this I am surely to have helmet head!
Nice single file trail ride


Last adventure of the day was the hot mineral pools and mud baths. However, if you went into the mud baths you had to shower off in cold water or in the cool river. I opted instead for the one of the cooler mineral pool 38 degrees celcius - great way to end the day.

Took I have hemet head and look a wreak but nobody knows me here!
We skipped the mud bath!




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