Monday, December 16, 2013

Manuel Antonio - Wedding

The reason for coming to Costa Rica was to attend the wedding of a life long friend of Sean's, Mike (they actually met in preschool) and Jen ( Sean also introduced Mike and Jen about 8 years ago). Jen was te photographer at Sean and Michelle's wedding.

The magnificient wedding villa located in the Manuel Antonio park high on a hill with lovely view of the ocean. The first floor of the villa included an infinity pool, area for BBQ and lounging, bar and large living room area which would be turned into a dance floor for the wedding. The next two floors contained a number of beautiful bedrooms all with balconies and spectacular views. The kitchen and outdoor eating area located on the 4th floor - this is where the wedding dinner was to take place. The 5th floor contained a corner hot tub with unbelievable views of the ocean and manuel Antonio park, as well as another bar and hammocks for relaxing - this is where the ceremony was to take place.


Bride and groom suited up for the nautical themed stag and stagette


Wedding venue ready


Molly ready - Hannah ended up sleeping through the ceremony


Groom and mum
Best man Sean - yes the facial growth goes with being a professor - all he needs is a wool vest and a pipe
Michelle - hard to believe she had a baby two months ago


Bride and father


Sean and the groom's friend also Mike or better known as Moose performed the wedding ceremony


Each one of the wedding party read a verse and then presented the bride and groom with 13 coins which is a Costa Rican tradition
traditional exchange of 13 gold coins during the wedding ceremony. These coins are placed in a bag, box, or tray. This will be given to the bride by the groom. It symbolizes the groom’s willingness to be the head of the family and support his bride. The coins are carried by the bride and are going to be blessed by a priest. The 13 coins also have religious symbolism connected to them. They symbolize Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles.


Aaron and Ashley with Molly


Hannah after getting up from her nap


Moose, Jen and their son Harrison - Jen is expecting their second child in May


Harrison and Hannah
Me with the mother of the groom Zoraida


Future rock star


My hair with Fasonator



Lovely dinner


Sean's toast to the bride and groom was a power point outlining the scientific reasons why Jen and Mike make a good couple - researched by Michelle and another friend Nicole. As you can imagine the presentation was quite funny. Then Nicole and Brad had a power point presentation of the people Jen and Mike associate with and all their adventures or misadventures - also very entertaining!

Donna and I spent our time between the wedding and dealing with the girls. The dancing went into the wee hours of the morning but Donna and I packed it in around midnight. Wonderful day, lovely wedding.


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