Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mekong Delta River

This area is about a two hour drive south of ho chi Minh city. Once out of the city area one cannot help but noticing the homes and towns seem much poorer and not nearly as clean as the city. However the beautiful lush greenery of Vietnam countryside continues as we drive by the rice paddies and coconut fields.
We arrived at the mekong delta and were taken to a place to enjoy local fruit such as dragon fruit and chiku ( similar to mango) while listening to traditional Vietnamese music and singers. We were put on to small boats (4 per boat) and taken up one of the channels of the Mekong delta river. When we got off this boat we were taken to a place where they make coconut candy (very delicious), snake wine (yes the snake is in the bottle but I did not chance buying this and trying to get it through customs). There was also a python snake you could hold to have your picture taken (I drew the line here).
We were then put on a larger rather old and decrepit riverboat to go up the main Mekong delta river to the place where we had lunch. Yes Sharon and I shared the fish in the picture and it was quite nice. However I am tired of rice and have stopped eating it!!!!!
On the way back to ho chi Minh city we stopped at another Buddhist temple (ok this is now like visiting all the castles in britian).
I had the equivalent of about $50 left in dong and since it is worth nothing outside of Vietnam I decided we should hit the nite market before leaving to Cambodia. Sharon and I ended up with gortex northface jackets for $40 each. They even had tags on them but I doubt they are real!!!! Off to Cambodia tomorrow.

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