Friday, January 27, 2012

Few days in Sydney

Thought I would give you an update of my relaxation days in Sydney. Before I do I will update you about my flights from Queenstown to Sydney via melbourne. The Queenstown to Melbourne leg went smoothly. When I got to Melbourne I was informed the flight was full and I would not get on even with business status. So i had to fly Melbourne to Canberra then Canberra to Sydney with the economy people. Oh the woos of traveling standby. Guess I won't be getting much sympathy.
The weather here has been overcast most days but still very warm. There has been some rain (by our standards torrential downpours).
Wednesday was Marianne's birthday and it was so nice to be here to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of her 30th birthday. We had a lovely lunch with her family and friends at a beach club in Bondi Beach. The food was fabulous and although the weather was not great the scenery was still spectacular. The beach club pool is salt water and is right next to the ocean. No shark sightings during lunch.
Thursday was Australia day so Marianne, Brian and I headed off by train to the city. First stop yum cha or as we call it dim sum in Chinatown. All the restaurants were very busy but we found one we could get into right away and had some delicious yum cha. Then while we went to the washroom Brian did a little shopping in Chinatown ( picture with purse sorry Brian could not resist posting this picture).
Brian returned home to go to work and we headed off to the Quay to see the opera house. The Quay was buzzing with activity, the sun came out so it was lovely to walk around the Quay and the Rocks. Then it was off to walk across the harbour bridge. No climbing for us walking across is enough of a commitment. We got one quarter of the way across the bridge and got caught by a torrential downpour hence the picture of me soaking wet. We were already committed so like real troopers we continued across the bridge. Marianne took the great pictures as I would not go near the edge. Coffee was the first stop after the bridge and luckily the rain stopped. We then took the train home.
Yesterday I took the train to cronulla beach but did not stay long as I was feeling a bit under the weather so i went home and had a two hour nap. Today off to the city to visit the market and meet gaille for lunch.
Marianne says I am wearing her out with all my activity. She thinks I have an over abundance of energy- I don't know what she is talking about as no one has mentioned this before right Agnes!
After checking out paddy's market gaille and I went for yum cha in chinatown. Well a few tables over from us was premier Barry O'Farrell of New South Wales. As he did a walkabout and came towards me I said "excuse me I am from Canada and I had my picture taken with the premier of BC while i was holding the Olympic torch so do you think I could get a picture with you", he said " sure we can hold up a match". Then the dragon entertainers came into the restaurant. The yum cha I had on Australia day was much better but meeting the premier was an unexpected highlight.
Off to Darling harbour and we could not decide whether to go have a margarita or visit the shops. Gaille suggested the shops and what to my surprise should I find but a pair of Ugg boots with heels. Now I did see a pair in the Melbourne market but resisted the purchase, however I have been thinking about them since my return to Sydney. So shoes 1!! Great day! Thanks gaille

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  1. Love the Ugg's! Glad you are having such a great time and it is so nice to share it with you through your blog. If I win the next lottery I'll meet up with you in Asia! Lot's of shoe shopping there!
    Ann R.