Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8th

Business class or bust!! My first experience traveling business class--what a wonderful treat! Good food lots of alcohol although I passed on this as I was on a 9am flight, great seats that recline and real plates and cutlery --did I mention the great food! What a way to travel no leg cramps for me on this trip. Not bad for a free flight from Melbourne to Sydney.
Now back in Sydney for an evening of relaxation (no this was not my attire for business class). Tomorrow is a relaxation and laundry day-- hard to believe but since I brought very little baggage after a week I am running out of clothes. But it does show how little one little really needs-- perhaps I will take a look at my closet when I get home. I will think on that for now.
Tuesday I am driving with Brian and Kate (Marianne's daughter) to Peaks Hill a remote town in NSW which is a six hour drive on the other side of the Blue Mountains. Brian grew up in this town and it is probably as close as I will get to the outback!! If you don't see another posting in a couple of days it means I have gone walkabout!

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  1. Business class is the way to go Lorna! Good on you! Keep on having a fabulous time - am enjoying your blog just so I can keep an eye on you!!! :)