Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 10th-off to Peak Hill

Forgot to mention the fabulous Vietnamese Dinner we had at a restaurant with Marianne and Gaille's family upon returning from Perth - calamari done several ways, fish, noodle and vegetable dish, and this fabulous chili chicken (can't wait to get to Vietnam and have some of this yummy food again).
Lots of adventures on the way to Peak Hill or as I refer to it Peeksville! Peak Hill is about 450km northwest of Sydney, travelling through towns such as Edith, Leura, Blackheath, Hartley, Oberon, Manildra and Parkes. Road kill sightings 11 kangaroo and one fox. This blog is being posted late because Peak Hill has no wireless connection!
We travelled through the Blue Mountains and stopped to view the Three Sisters, lots of beautiful scenery here as you can see by the pictures. There are lots of hiking trails but we did not have time to explore if we wanted to get to our destination before dark - apparently travelling the back roads at night can be doggie as the kangaroos are like our deer!
Further on we came to the Jenolan Caves, a world class cave system with underground rivers and spectacular limestone formations. The caves are free to explore but we only had a brief stay before continuing our journey.
We arrived in Bathurst for a picnic lunch on top of Mount Panorama. Lorne if you are reading this blog Mount Panorama, Bathurst is the home of the Bathurst 1000km V8 supercars. I took the pictures of the track especially for you.
Then off to Peak Hill (nowhere Australia). We arrived around dinner before dark so there were no kangaroo incidents. Surprise, surprise Peak Hill does not have any restaurants or fast food facilities. So we went to the local ex-servicemen's club (legion) for dinner only to be told there is no food served on Tuesday's (maybe for religious reasons who knows). We did find out the local lawn bowling club across the street was serving food - yes Joan F there is a lawn bowling club in Peak Hill and I took a picture of it for you -- oh yes we had an interesting dinner. I was hoping to have a cider but no cider, so then I asked for vodka and cranberry juice -- you guessed it no cranberry juice so I settled for vodka and orange juice. I guess in this part of the country one should take up beer drinking.
Tomorrow we are spending the day exploring this area -- that should be interesting as I have been warned to watch the ground for the deadly brown snakes-good thing I have my first aid kit with me!

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