Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye Sydney hello Asia

I have been resting up the last few days before heading off to Asia for six weeks. Brian, Marianne and I went to dinner with friends Gabrielle and David at a Cronulla Beach restaurant.
Yesterday I was vacuuming at Marianne's house and when I moved a chair I found a lovely creature underneath, promptly screamed and called for Brian to remove the beast from the house.
Today marianne and i were up early as we wanted to check in for our free flight to Phuket in the hopes of getting business class as the flight is 9 hours long We not only got business class but we are now sitting in the Qantas lounge where there is a full buffet, desserts, tea, coffee, wine and other drinks as well as free Internet. Oh what a life! Stay tuned for Asia adventures.

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