Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15th

My first solo train adventure across Sydney and I made it safely, including the train change in the city.
The next day we went to Palm Beach (pictures below), very expensive area of Sydney with an incredibly beautiful beach. We took the opportunity to lay on the beach for an hour as you can see there was hardly anyone on the beach probably due to us being out of the lifeguarding area. I did put my toes in the water as Gaille assured me this was a shark free zone and the water is in the mid 20's -- still too cold for me!
Then it was off to Manly for a lovely lunch at an Africian restaurant. I was in Manly twenty years ago and I was surprised how much I recognized. I am so amazed how clear the water is considering the traffic on the water.
On the boardwalk we watched people play in a pool in uniglobes-- take note aquatic girls!
And of course I took the opportunity to investigate a shoe store.
That evening Gaille hosted a BBQ -- what a lovely evening and an opportunity for me to meet her friends-- thank you!
The next day I was suppose to go to the Sydney zoo but it was raining
So on the train back to the other side of the city. When I get back to Sydney I Plan to take advantage of the train system and do some more exploring. The system is easy and cheap- highly recommend using it if you are down under.
This morning I was up at 4:30 am to catch a 7am flight to Melbourne (business class of course). By 9am I had dropped off my ONE bag at the hotel and made my way to the Queen Victoria market -- so much to buy so little room in my luggage -- oh we'll guess I will purchase another bag!
This market was huge everything from meat, fruit and vegetables to toys, tools, pictures, clothes, purses and did mention shoes? Grant I took a picture of some shoes I thought you could wear. I still have not purchased any shoes but i did see some UGG boots with heels! There are very few Starbucks in Australia but they have an abundance of coffee places and they make the best cappuccino I have every tasted --move over Starbucks.
Melbourne is a very cosmopolitan city with a number of different cultures this afternoon I walked about 10km discovering the city. They have free city tram cars for tourist but as you can imagine the cars are pretty full so I opted to walk. The city has an interesting combination of old buildings such as st. Paul's church and across the street in Federation Square very modern architecturally designed buildings are located.
Ed it is the first day of the Australia open but I have not seen Venus yet! Actually I am surprised how little event advertising and merchandising there is. I have only seen a few street banners. No I will not be attending this event as we plan to take a tour up the great ocean road.
On my way back to the hotel I came across the public bath house. This is a recreational facility in the city you can google public bathhouse Melbourne on Swanston street and it will come up. It was closed at 8pm so I will try to go by again another time and maybe go in for a look.
There is a lot of creative public art in the area such as painted lamp posts

It is midnight here so best I get some rest.

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